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esearch conducted by Borealis over the course of nearly a decade has produced several new technologies that hold the potential to provide dramatic benefits throughout the world.  A small sampling of these benefits could include:

  • Low cost and reliable electricity.   Just as semiconductors and fiber optics have sharply reduced the costs of computing and telephony, Power Chips™ will reduce the cost and increase the availability of electricity.  Anyone who has a source of heat (from fire to solar-thermal) can generate reliable electric power at low cost.  This new ability will open opportunities for entirely new industries and spark economic growth, particularly in those regions that have limited existing infrastructure.

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.   If automotive and power-plant emissions in fact cause or contribute to global warming, replacing internal combustion engines with Chorus® motors, and replacing fossil-fueled power-generating plants with plants using Power Chips will greatly reduce these emissions and thus reduce the threat of global warming.  Cool Chips™ eliminate the use of harmful fluids, as our "fluid" is electrons.

  • Reduced smog and pollution from motor vehicles.  Chorus motors driving automobiles, trucks, and buses, powered by batteries, fuel cells, or Power Chips, will virtually eliminate air pollution from vehicles.  Cool Chips eliminate ozone-depleting refrigerants from vehicle air conditioning.  All these technologies make a car lighter and more efficient.

  • Reduced power plant emissions and acid rain.   Using Power Chips to generate electricity will greatly reduce harmful emissions from power plants, including those that may cause acid rain.  Distributed Power could become a reality, allowing homeowners to heat and cool their house in addition to producing electricity at minimal marginal cost.

  • Economical water desalination.  In much of the world, by the mid-21st Century, adequate fresh water is projected to be in short supply or perhaps even unavailable.  The only source now envisioned will be desalinated ocean water.  The largest proportion of costs in desalinating ocean water are pumps and the power to drive them.  Chorus motors will reduce the cost of pumps, while Power Chips will significantly reduce the cost of the electricity needed to run them.  Desalinated water will become economical in many areas that would otherwise be unable to operate these facilities.

orealis has amassed a substantial collection of patents, both issued and pending, the number of which continues to grow as additional applications are submitted weekly.

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